For our Partners and Investors

     The development plan of the company provides parallel execution of several activities on modernization of existing production, allowing raising the efficiency of production at the existing facilities, and capital investments into the prospecting and oil wells drilling.

Основными целями являются:

  • The increase in oil production by large-scale study of the geodesic field of geological structures, repair and restoration of the existing wells, and drilling the new wells on the prospective areas.
  • Improving the efficiency of plants for oil preparation through the use of advanced separation technology, replacing outdated energy-consuming equipment.
  • Reducing the operating costs for the pipeline system, excluding pipe breaks connected with high corrosion attack of both the products and saline soils, predominant in the field.
  • Full utilization of associated gas, and stopping the import of natural gas. Production of electricity from the associated gas both for the inner use within the enterprise, and for sale. The use of heat generation for technological processes of preparation and transportation of oil.
  • The fundamental improvement of the environmental conditions of the field by reducing wasteful losses of associated gas and elimination of oil spills that appear due to the corrosion of pipes and equipment.
  • Training of the staff able to operate modern highly automated equipment for the production, treatment and transportation of oil.
  • The debt and Company’s own funds are expected to be used for the project.
  • The share of debt will be 84% of all the investments, and the share of the Company’s own funds – 16%.