Success Tyumen Boxing Federation

Сегодня мы хотим представить вам Президента Тюменской Федерации бокса, Президента Федерации бокса студентов России, Члена исполкома Российского студенческого спортивного Союза, Президента Ассоциации бокса студентов Европы Нуруллу Гарифулловича Саттарова.


2011 was very fruitful for the Tyumen boxers. Twenty-two various medals at the Urals Championship, eight medals at the competitions within the Russian Student Sports Union, and two medals ("gold" and "bronze") were brought by senior boys and girls; three medals ("gold" and two "silver") were brought by the youth age group; and the gold medal by the sportsman of the older group. And finally, three "golds" at the European Student Championship in December were awarded to the leaders of the Tyumen boxing - Grigory Nikolaychuk, Victor Batalov and Tahir Pirdamov. It became a wonderful final that completed the whole picture of success. No doubt, such impressive achievements could not happen without the infusion of extra-budgetary financial support and the guidance of the Tyumen Boxing Federation.

We would like to introduce the President of the Tyumen Boxing Federation, the President of Student Boxing Federation of Russian, the member of the Russian Student Sports Union, the President of the European Student Boxing Association Nurullah Garifullovich Sattarov.


The Trace in  the History of Boxing

- Nurullah Garifullovich, could you please tell about the events that impressed you in 2011?

- Each competition gave me a lot of impressions and remained in my memory. There are no easy competitions. The boxers usually prepare themselves to each fight as if it is their last one, because if they lose, it actually becomes the last fight in this competition. Therefore, in every competition there are amazingly bright and captivating fights. The evaluations can be different and even contradictory, sometimes emotional storms happen, and they overwhelm sportsmen, coaches and fans.

Each competition leaves its trace in the history of boxing. It should be mentioned that the success of the previous year was the result of hard and long work. When Victor Batalov won European Junior Championship in 2006, he started the successful journey of Tyumen boxers around the European rings. Maxim Dvinsky continued the tradition in 2007 at the European Championship in Serbia, and in 2008 Grigory Nikolaychuk raised Tyumen boxing to a new level, when he won a silver medal of the World Championship in Mexico. In 2010 Timur Aminov won another gold medal in the European Championship in Bulgaria. Of course, this all became possible thanks to the hard work of the coaching staff. The pupils of such coaches as Anatoly Ivanovich Dedyukhin, Alexander Alexandrovich Pauli, Yuri Ivanovich Kazin show excellent results from year to year. It is especially pleasant, that boxing in Tyumen is on a very high level not only in one age group.

There are leaders in different categories. Tahir Pirdamov represents older juniors. He entered the national team, and this year he won this year’s Championship of Russia and his first European Championship. Ramil Ryabikov catches up to him. Ladies also had a great success this year. Elizabeth Shilovskikh (Ishim) took first place in the Championship of Russia, and Anastasia Kuznetsova was the third. Igor Mirzoev (Tobolsk) and Vasily Nikolaychuk showed the best results among juniors. Another representative of the Tobolsk school of boxing Eugene Koshkarov is one of the strongest at the Championships of the Urals Federal District among adults.

International competitions play a very important role in our life. In March 2011 we had an international tournament in memory of the first President of Russian Student Sports Union, twice Olympic silver prize winner, Honored Master of Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR Alexei Ivanovich Kiselev. It was held in Elista (Kalmykia). Some time ago this wonderful man asked me to become the head the Russian Student Boxing Federation, and he initiated World Student Championships. He will remain in our hearts forever.  We organize the annual competition in his memory; it gained the status of international tournament in 2011. The atmosphere there was warm and friendly, but it didn’t reduce the heat of the struggle and the level of the fights. During these competitions we made a decision to organize the European Student Championship at the end of the year. We are going to do our best to promote student boxing in Europe.


The third European Student Championship took place in Moscow exhibition center “Crocus Expo” last year. 75 boxers from 16 countries participated in it. The victory of our sportsmen was brilliant: seven gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. Almost half of the gold medals were awarded to the Tyumen boxers. Grigory Nikolaychuk, Victor Batalov and Tahir Pirdamov showed very competent and mature boxing, and deserved their titles of European champions. And it wasn’t that easy.

It worth mentioning, that only eight countries took part in the first championship of this kind, and this time there were twice more countries-participants. It took us great effort to attract teams from abroad. But in some time they became interested, and our business grew better. The geography of the competitions became broader, and the level of the participants higher.

One of best boxers in the world Vasily Lomachenko came to our first championship, so we may say that the interest towards student boxing existed before.

Now our championship occupies a very important place in the European calendar, and the newly organized European Student Boxing Association will provide the higher level of development of this kind of sport.


A New Structure

-          Nurullah Garifullovich, my congratulations on the becoming the President of the European Student Boxing Association. Could you please tell a few words about this organization?

-          Thank you. European Student Boxing Association was created with the support of International Student Sports Federation and European Boxing Confederation. We had a founding meeting, the participants voted for the creation of this association and for its charter. Now it is officially recognized by FISU and European Boxing Confederation. It will develop student boxing in Europe, and will officially support the competitions.

-          Do you mean that though it was the third championship of the kind, officially it was the first European Championship?

-          In this sense, yes.

-          How often will it take place?

-          We are going to make it annual. I may suppose that next year it will take place somewhere in France, or in one of the cities of the near abroad. As for the World Championship, you know that it is biennial. I would like to thank everyone who took part in the organization of this championship. I’m grateful to the Russian Student Sports Union, the Center for the Development of Student Boxing named after Alexey Ivanovich Kiselev, and to Aras Agalarov, the director general of the holding company “Crocus Group”.  It was especially pleasant for us, that the main authorities of contemporary boxing were interested in these competitions. There were several Olympic champions, world and European champions among our guests: Alexander Lebzyak, Shamil Sabirov, Vyacheslav Yanovsky, Evgeny Makarenko, Alexander Koshkin, Raimkul Malakhbekov, Kamil Jamalutdinov, Victor Uliyanich, Petr Galkin, Andrey Mishin, Valery Abajyan, Alexander Leonov, and Islam Nurgudaev. Some great boxers of the past visited the competitions: the President of the Professional Boxing Federation of Russia Victor Ageev, and his vice-president Anatoly Petrov. The officials of the Russian Boxing Federation also presented: the first vice-president Andrey Danko, the vice-president for coordinating national youth boxing team Sumaid Khalidov, its head coach Nikolay Khromov, coach Victor Volkov, the head coach of Moscow Vladimir Sozinov. The Honorable President of Russian Boxing Federation Anatoly Bykov came from Krasnoyarsk. His presence guaranteed the high level of the competition. 

-          As we know the Universiade in 2013 in Kazan will be the first, in which the boxing competitions will take place. Who contributed to it?

-          Of course, fist of all the organizers of the Universiade and the Russian Student Sports Union. I’m looking forward to see the Tyumen boxers on the podium. We have conquered Europe, now our aims are World Championship and the Olympics. I wish luck and tenacity to our boxers, their coaches and fans. Our common effort will lead to excellent results, I’m absolutely sure of it, and we will reach the top of world Olympic movement.


“Sportivny Portal” № 3(13), April 2012