Limited Liability Company “Management Company Kalmmneft” was founded in December 2007. In April 2011 it was renamed Limited Liability Company “EuroSibOil”. We are working on bringing the oil industry of the Republic of Kalmykia on a high European level. We have already prepared and presented project documents for the development of 15 oil fields. We built geological models; calculated oil and gas resources and put them on the state balance; made the projects of mining allotments of all the fields. We also monitor the environment.

Today “EuroSibOilhas 15 oil fields situated in the Chernozemelny Region of the Republic of Kalmykia. It is a license holder for the operation of the explosion-hazard production facilities. The company possesses 160 oil wells and has nearly 1000 employees. There are three places for preliminary preparation of oil. The amount of recoverable oil is 12 thousand tons per day. In the nearest future we plan to raise the production up to 29 thousand tons per day.

LLC ««EuroSibOil» today:

  • 160 oil wells
  • 15 oil fields
  • Nearly 1000 employees
  • 3 places for oil preliminary preparation
  • 12 thousand tons of recoverable oil per month

The company holds the licenses for the development of three oil fields in the Nenets Autonomous Area (Musushursky, Lydushorsky, Shorsandiveisky) and the license for the geological research and extraction of hydrocarbons in the Lydushor-Shorsandiveisky area. The company has a division in Naryan-Mar, an office in Moscow and a branch in Usinsk, where the main base for the productive services is situated, and shift brigades are formed. 200 employees work there.

About the Region of the Productive Activity:

The Company mines hydrocarbons in the Nenets Autonomous Area (North-East of the Arkhangelsk Region). The main part of its territory is situated in tundra with 76,6% of everfrost. There are several sub-zones there: arctic mountain, northern and southern tundra. Forest-tundra occupies 15,4% of the territory, and northern taiga - 8% of it.
The administrative center of the region is Naryan-Mar – the city situated in the Pechorskaya Lowland, on the bank of the river Pechora’s feeder 110 km from the Barents Sea coast. The population of the region is 45 thousand people of 75 ethnicities. The majority of the population is Nenets (7 thousand people). Most of them work in the traditional spheres of this region – deer-raising, hunting and fishing.

Supreme Supervisory Board for LLC “EuroSibOil”is the main authority of the enterprise. Its chairman is Nurullah Garifullovich Sattarov.

Nurullah Garifullovich Sattarov was born on May 1, 1963. He graduated from Sverdlovsk Law Institute, and worked in the public prosecutor’s office in the Tumen Region. In 2002 – 2007 he worked for GASPROM public corporation as an advisor to the director general of “Zapsibgasprom” public corporation and the head of antirecession policy department. Now he is the chair of the Supreme Supervisory Board for LLC “Oil Company EuroSibOil”.

Voluntary work: President of the Russian Student Boxing Federation since 2003; Russian National Boxing Federation board member  from 1998 till 2009; Russian Student Sport Society “Burevestnik” board member since 2009; chair of the World Association for the Tatar Business Assistance since 2010